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The Department has two programmes namely; Sociology, as well as Psychology. Courses in the Department are therefore designed primarily for undergraduates who are reading towards the B.Sc. degree in Sociology as well as B. SC. degree in Psychology. However, the range of the courses is such that many of them have interdisciplinary relevance. Thus several courses in the department can be taken as electives by students from other academic departments of the University. Programmes Objectives The department's overall academic and social expectations are that the disciplinary skills and insights of the sociological and anthropological sciences contained in these programmes, will usher the students into a more .scientific and comprehensive understanding of the nature and dynamics of human societies and cultures in general, and Nigerian and African socio-cultural worlds in particular. The programmes deliberately favour a cross-cultural and Afrocentric problematization of the disciplines’ conceptual perspectives and paradigms, as well as the analysis of the concrete problems .of change and development confronting Nigeria at national, community and individual levels. The objectives of the programmes may thus be further specified as: i. The training of students whose sociological and anthropological knowledge of human societies and cultures inspires them to overcome cultural prejudices, parochialisms, and to respect value orientations and social institutions which uphold the dignity of humankind; ii. the training of students whose concrete knowledge of Nigerian society enables them to fulfill social development roles in the fields of administration, management, teaching, communications, culture, counseling, welfare, health, education, housing, social security, series, public policy formulation and analysis, industry, and the like; and iii. the training of students who are able to undertake postgraduate work in the disciplines of sociology, social anthropology and social welfare and anthropology with a view to, taking up careers in higher educational and research institutions.

Courses & Duration

Courses Duration
  • Bsc Sociology
  • 3 years
  • Bsc Psychology
  • 3 years